Welcome Baby Box

90by30 Welcome Baby Box

Want to help babies born in Lane County? All it takes a click of the mouse to purchase not one but two Smittens with an exciting buy-one-give-one offer.

What is a Smitten? It's part of the Welcome Baby Box that South Lane has chosen as a key prevention strategy for the region. At 90by30, our goal is to bolster protective factors in Lane County communities, and the WBB not only increases social connection but boosts parental resilience. Every single baby born in South Lane County will receive a Smitten - a safe sleep system that decreases the risk of death by SIDS and gives infants a snug, protected place to sleep no matter where they are. The Smitten box comes filled with parenting essentials - diapers, clothes, baby wipes - and parenting resources to help families through the first stage of their child's life. Based on the Finnish Baby Box, the WBB is a proven strategy for breaking the isolation many new parents face and giving them the knowledge they need to be good caregivers.

Baby Box 90by30 is excited to partner with Smitten manufacturer Pip & Grow to offer two Smittens for the price of one. Buy one, either for yourself or to donate to 90by30, and the company will donate another at no cost to you. You can also donate a Smitten directly to the WBB effort. Pip & Grow was founded by an infant safety expert who saw the need for a portable, convenient sleep option. Amber Kroeker, MPH, created Smitten to fill that need, just as 90by30 chose the WBB as a way to fill the need in our community for both physical and educational parenting resources.

Will you help bring the celebrated Finnish Baby Box to Lane County? It all starts with a Smitten.
Right now Pip & Grow is offering a discount on Smittens donated to 90by30. Click here to learn more and donate one now.