Core Beliefs

We believe that:

  1. Child abuse and neglect can be prevented.
  2. The belief that children deserve to be safe and cared for crosses all lines of politics, religion, geography, financial status, education, and culture.
  3. People of Lane County want to ensure that all the children who live and visit here are safe and nurtured wherever they may be.
  4. Parents and caregivers want to provide safe, healthy, and positive homes for their children.
  5. There is a role for each and every person, neighborhood, group, organization, business, and entity to prevent child abuse and neglect.
  6. Hundreds of people and organizations in Lane County have worked, and continue to work to support families and children and to protect them from harm - and we will build our enhanced prevention efforts on this firm foundation.
  7. There are certain strategies that research has shown to be effective in preventing child abuse and neglect – and we should implement them in Lane County.
  8. Parents and caregivers will reach out for support if they are not blamed or shamed when doing so and if they have a positive experience wherever they go for that support.
  9. Most children and adults who have been harmed can, and do, survive, heal, and do very well in their lives.
  10. Every voice is important and every perspective has something valuable to offer this effort.