Council of Elders

90by30’s Council of Elders is being formed in recognition that Elders in our communities have great knowledge and wisdom to share that could greatly benefit our county-wide child abuse prevention effort.

As 90by30, we want to have the ability to listen and learn from the experience and wisdom of our Elders and have asked some of our community leaders of 65 and older to join our effort with their peers as part of the Council of Elders.

The Council of Elders will meet as needed and will act as advisors to the 90by30 effort. We will give a report on our plans of action and on the challenges facing us and listen to the advice from the Council.

This group is open to those over 65 who have a commitment to child abuse and neglect prevention and wish to act as part of a group of advisors from their life and work experience to 90by30. Please email if you are interested in joining this Council.