Current Efforts

Volunteer opportunities within 90by30 at this time are primarily to join with others in your geographic region or as part of the county-wide effort to assist in the first steps of developing primary prevention strategies all across Lane County.

This year, 90by30 volunteers are working in three areas:

  • The Inventory Project is where we are making contacts with local individuals, organizations, faith communities, units of government, and school districts to determine what child abuse prevention-related efforts are already in place in every square inch of Lane County. Volunteers are mostly working from home, paired with a UO student, to fill out a template by making calls, sending emails, reviewing websites and filling in our inventory form.
  • Regional Leadership Teams will eventually become the decision-making groups to lead the way in each local area to implement primary prevention strategies with the goal of seeing a marked decrease in the rates of child abuse and neglect in Lane County. We are looking for people within each of six geographic areas to make a commitment and join a local leadership team to make choices and decisions relating to what child abuse prevention efforts will look like in each local area. Click here to find out more about Regional Leadership Team activity in your area and your contact person, and here for the map of how we are dividing Lane County in to the six regions. UPDATE: We currently have 7 Regional Leadership Teams.Click here for more, Regional Leadership Team, information.
  • Conference 2014: 90by30 is hosting its' annual Child Abuse Prevention Conference. We are looking for volunteers to assist with registration confirmations, putting together conference packets, and helping on the day of the event. All volunteers will get into the conference for free. Click Here for more volunteer information.
  • Council of Elders: A group of those 65 and over willing to share from their life experience and expertise and act as Advisors to the 90by30 effort. Click here to find out more about this Council.