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Building Bridges: Connecting Communities to Prevent Child Abuse

Volunteer Fair! Drop by on Sunday, Nov. 9th - 1-4pm - Serbu - Department of Youth Services (Across from Autzen)

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Our Story

The 90by30 Initiative is a county-wide effort with one bold goal: to reduce child abuse and neglect 90% by 2030 in Lane County, Oregon.

Three essential steps to achieve 90by30:

We each have a role.
Shift our thinking so that all in Lane County believe that providing a safe community for children and youth is a concern shared by each and every one of us.
We know what to do.
Ensure that each of us has the knowledge and skills to promote a safe and caring community for children and youth.
We will act, we will take part.
Each person in Lane County will take action in small and large ways to promote the safety of children and youth and provide a caring community. By doing this, we can prevent child abuse and neglect. Click here to volunteer.

90by30 was born out of frustration that Lane County rates of neglect and abuse remain unacceptably high coupled with a core belief, because of great advancements in the field, that child abuse and neglect can be dramatically reduced and prevented.

Countless Lane County residents, agencies, governmental units, civic groups and schools have been working for decades to reduce child abuse and neglect, and to support child victims and families.

These outstanding local efforts have meaningfully impacted the lives of thousands of children and families, increased safety, and improved family relationships. They all play a vital role in our county-wide effort to reduce neglect and abuse and support families. It is essential that local efforts already in place receive the support they need to thrive – their work is crucial to the wellbeing of children and families in Lane County.

90by30 has come into being because despite incredible efforts all across the State, including Lane County, to support children and families, the incidence of child abuse and neglect is still not decreasing. In 2000 there were 40,000 reports of child abuse and neglect in Oregon and in 2010 the number of Oregon child abuse and neglect reports rose to 71,886. It is widely accepted that even these high numbers don’t adequately reflect the actual incidence of child abuse and neglect; the rates are significantly higher – simply because some cases are suspected but not reported and some cases are completely hidden from view.

It is clear that we have to support the needs of children and families with the programs and services already in place – AND – add to those local efforts with more strategies laser-focused on prevention.

It is reasonable to assume that without additional prevention strategies and efforts, the incidence of child abuse and neglect in Lane County will not be any lower in 10 years than it is today.

A new, more coordinated and prevention-rich approach that adds value to existing efforts is needed. 90by30, along with its many community partners, is developing a county-wide strategic plan that draws on the framework of Collective Impact, public health prevention strategies, and known child abuse and neglect risk and protective factors. 90by30 is supported by private foundations and donors and housed at the Center for the Prevention of Abuse and Neglect within the College of Education at the University of Oregon.

Join Us! We are in this for the long haul and invite every one of you to join us. Learn how. Click here.

Locally, we have the talent and the heart we need to achieve 90by30 in Lane County. This effort is not a government and social service expansion effort. This is, at its core, an effort designed to ensure that there is a role for every single person, neighborhood, group, business, and school to reduce child neglect and abuse and support children and families.

Community involvement is the single most important factor in child abuse and neglect prevention.


90by30  CelebrateS Rural Leadership! 

Meet the 90by30 Rural Regional Leadership Team Co-Chairs:

Lynn Anderson, West Lane co-chair and White Earth Ojibwa, is the Director of the Indian Education Program, Title VII and 21st CLCC Elementary site manager in the Siuslaw School District in Florence, Oregon. She is a member of the Oregon American Indian Alaskan Native Education State Plan Advisory Panel and recently invited to be a member of ODE Equity in Education Board and related that even with all these commitments, she still has time to attend local pow wows as a women's traditional buckskin dancer. She is lead singer and drum carrier for the Florence Intertribal drum that presents around the state for schools and interested organizations and teaches pow wow drumming to students in Eugene/Springfield schools. She is a parenting instructor for the Nurturing Parenting program in Florence and works with United Way LaneKids Parenting Education Program.


Lynn is the mother of a 26 year old Cavalry Scout soldier in the Oregon National Guard who is currently deployed to Afghanistan. Being an avid reader, knitter and seed beader there is still time to throw a ball for her 2 dogs and love on her 3 cats.

Kack Camerer, East Lane co-chair, helped 90by30 from our very first forum in Oakridge. She grew up in Oakridge and holds a BA degree from Southern Oregon University. In her working years she has owned two businesses, worked for the Oakridge School District as a librarian, and is now the director of the Oakridge Family Resource Center.  She and her husband Allan have been married for 41 years and they have a daughter Karly who lives with her husband in Seattle.


Steve Carmichael recently completed his term as one of the first co-chairs of the South Lane Regional Leadership Team.  He is an active member of the Creswell Presbyterian Church and board member at Family Relief Nursery in Cottage Grove.  Before retirement, Steve was the director of Lane County Youth Services, and oversaw the transformation of our county’s juvenile justice program from a simple youth corrections facility to a dynamic youth intervention program. His leadership in no small way contributed to the passage of a $39 million bond to build the John C. Serbu Youth Campus, which includes the Carmichael Conference Room, named in his honor.  In the Register Guard Op-Ed upon his retirement, the editors wrote, “Until his retirement this week, there was a sign hanging in his office that said, ‘A problem is an opportunity in disguise’ (March 3, 2001).”


Andrea Gifford recently completed her term as one of the first co-chairs for the South Lane Regional Leadership Team. She is the Program Manager at Family Relief Nursery and has a Masters in Social Work. She helped bring Parent Education to Creswell with Lane Kids funding and with the inclusion of other community partners.  She is a member of Vision Keepers in Cottage Grove, a member of Be Your Best in Cottage Grove, and a member of the Ford Leadership Team. Andrea has two sons, ages 14 & 12.  She loves animals and has two horses, 5 chickens, 7 rabbits, 4 cats and one dog.  


Susan Hardy, East Lane co-chair, also helped with the first 90by30 forum in Oakridge and has been a consistent member of the team ever since. She has a BA in Elementary Education from the UO.  Susan has worked as a substitute teacher throughout Lane County and with the Portland Public Schools and currently works for Head Start of Lane County as a Family Advocate in Oakridge.  Susan has many reasons for being involved with 90by30. She says, “I grew up in an abusive home and have spent much of my life working with children who come from abuse.  Along with many others I have worked in various programs hoping to find ways to prevent abuse as well as to recover.  90by30 is based on finding workable answers and implementing proven steps to help end child abuse.  I like the idea that we go into this knowing we will be connected and working at this for more than the short term to find real answers.”

Cindy Herzog, South Lane co-chair, first heard about 90by30 when she attended the original organizing forum a few years ago, and was one of the hundreds of people who emailed Jeff Todahl after the forum hoping she could contribute; she jumped on board as soon as the South Lane team began to form. Cindy also volunteers with A Family For Every Child as a mentor and as a member of the System Change Committee which is focused on transforming the child welfare system to improve outcomes for kids and families.


Her family has provided foster care for twenty three kids, ages 0-15, since opening their home to foster children in 2001. As a parent and foster parent, Cindy is motivated by the goal of 90by30 - to significantly reduce child abuse and neglect in Lane County by 2030. "That's why I'm here. I believe we can do it. I'm working on this because I want to help make our community a safer and more supportive place for my daughter and for all of our children." When not volunteering, she is busy farming in Creswell.

Jodi O’Mara, West Lane co-chair, is currently the Superintendent and Elementary Principal in the Mapleton School District in Mapleton, Oregon. This is Jodi’s 23rd year in education. She was an elementary and middle school teacher for 16 years, teaching grades K-6. Jodi then became an Elementary Principal in the Coos Bay School District. She has been in Mapleton for three years.

When asked why she chose to engage with 90by30, with so many other demands on her time, Jodi O’Mara replied, “I have a passion for children. It is important for children to be safe and have a place where they can grow, learn, play and become anything they desire. That is our job as educators: to provide our students with the knowledge, skills and desire to follow their dream…wherever they take them!”

To receive more information or to join a rural Regional Leadership Team, please contact Rose Wilde at