Jeff Todahl and Phyllis Barkhurst

90by30 started as the brainchild of Dr. Jeff Todahl from the UO’s College of Education after key conversations with Megan Shultz, the Executive Director of Lane County’s CASA and Alicia Hays, the current Director of Lane County’s Health and Human Services. These conversations led to the eventual formation of 90by30 and its placement within the University of Oregon’s College of Education.

90by30 hired Phyllis D. Barkhurst as its first Director in May 2012, who works closely with Dr. Todahl to provide the staff leadership for the effort. Twelve community members served on 90by30’s Organizing Committee in 2012, as interim decision-makers. This group met for the last time in November 2012.

At this time, 90by30 is developing its Coordinating Council, which will be the permanent decision-making body of the effort and comprised of members from the six geographic regions within Lane County. The Coordinating Council will meet in early 2013 for the first time and members will serve a two-year term.