AUGUST - 2017

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Forging Ahead Despite the Heat
The East Lane Regional Team dedicated its most recent meeting, on July 21, to discussing its in-progress prevention plan. The original draft is being rewritten, with each member assigned a section to perfect.

Beyond working on the prevention plan, the team is also focused on recruiting new members, especially as one co-chair position may soon be open if its current occupant relocates to Eugene from Lowell.

Recruitment has been an uphill battle in the last few weeks, with fires in the area drawing lots of local attention and hot, smoky conditions keeping residents indoors.

On August 12, co-chair Susan Hardy returned from a two-week trip to Mobile, AL, where she met members of a local child abuse prevention group.

New Faces and New Challenges
The McKenzie Team is excited to welcome new leadership! Volunteer extraordinaire Laura Sireci Roman has taken on the role of Coordinator, while we’ve finally put the “co” in “co-chairs” with the addition of Robin Roberts to complement current co-chair Brent Caulley.

At the most recent team meeting on August 10, Ray Blair, Executive Director of the McKenzie River Chamber of Commerce, presented on the MRCC New Neighbors boxes, and the team discussed ways to work with the chamber using the Welcome Our Neighbors Strategy.

Team members also spoke with Ashley Adelman, Executive Director of the McKenzie Community Development Corporation, about collaborating to create an adapted version of Strong Communities - one of the strategies on the shortlist for the prevention plan - as well as about tabling together at different events throughout summer and fall.

Prevention planning is moving along, with the team working hard to choose the strategies for each phase of implementation. The official document of the prevention plan is also progresing.

The RLT will be tabling at various events through the rest of summer and fall to raise awareness of local 90by30 initiatives and boost recruitment efforts. Some of these events include Swap Don’t Shop, Unity in the Community Festival, Monthly Potlucks at the Upper McKenzie Community Center, McKenzie Schools Open House, and the Walterville Waddle/Fair.  

Expanding the Team
The North Lane team has been hard at work creating the draft prevention plan in preparation for implementation. Additionally, the team is determined to bring a full roaster of attendees to the 90by30 Conference in October. All members are bringing at least one guest who could potentially become part of the team. A former North Lane team member, Laurie Dosher, has recently returned to the fold and deserves a special welcome! More effort is being put into recruitment, and current members are excited about the prospects, including of Trillium Family Service’s Children’s Farm Home. The team is on track for phase one of implementation and is ready to start rolling out the strategies it has discussed for so long.

Strategy Selection
Prevention planning meetings occupied the bulk of July for the team in West Lane County. After dividing the research into five categories corresponding to the protective factors, team members reconvened on July 18 for a third planning meeting at which each group presented its factor-specific findings and recommendations. A week later, at the final prevention planning meeting, participants voted on the strategies they wanted to see prioritized during Phases 1 and 2 of implementation. Six strategies from four of the five protective factors were chosen.

As the team reorganized as a whole, forming new committees and workgroups to delve into the implementation process, Teresa LaNasa stepped up to become co-chair with Suzanne Mann-Heinz. Teresa, because she has lived in the area for many years and has extensive community connections, will be a strong addition to the West Lane leadership.

Team members have also been out and about in the area. Suzanne Mann-Heinz and Team Coordinator Jeanne Shannon met with Chuck Trent, the outgoing executive director of the Boys & Girls Club, as well as with Jack Davis, the new ED. The Siuslaw and Mapleton School superintendents have both committed to sending a representative from their districts to core team meetings.

The team welcomed 90by30 Executive Director Phyllis Barkhurst on August 15 to discuss team workgroups, funding of strategies, evaluation methods, and the Oct.14 conference.

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