Principles of Partnership1

  1. We agree with the stated mission, beliefs, objectives, strategies, and measurements for the 90by30 Initiative.
  2. We recognize that to succeed, all community-based efforts need strong and positive working relationships. We agree to take the time and make the effort to build and maintain successful relationships in order to reach our shared goal.
  3. The relationship between 90by30 participants is characterized by mutual trust, respect, genuineness, and commitment. We agree to act from a place of respect and good will and commit to positively representing ourselves and/or the organizations we represent.
  4. We acknowledge that disagreements and conflict are a natural occurrence when groups of people come together to work on a common goal. 90by30 participants agree to work through these disagreements openly, honestly, and as quickly as possible.
  5. We acknowledge the vast amount of existing strengths and assets already in place to work on 90by30 and that we still need to increase the resources of groups and organizations working to prevent child abuse and neglect in Lane County.
  6. We agree to make clear and open communication a priority by working to understand each other's needs and specific interests, and by developing a common language.
  7. We agree to work together to make important decisions, including the direction of our Initiative, strategies to reach our goal, and how we will resolve disagreements.
  8. We agree to offer and listen to continuous feedback among all participants in the Initiative, with the goal of continuously improving our relationships in order to reach the goal of 90by30.
  9. We agree to support each other’s efforts and recognize that the accomplishments and successes in the 90by30 Initiative are shared by us all.

1Loosely adapted from Principles of Good Community-Campus Partnerships, Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, adopted by CCPH Board of Directors, 2006.