What Is Prevention?

Prevention is an action or a set of actions designed to stop something before it actually happens. We all take preventive action ever day: we wear seat belts to save ourselves from death or serious injury in car accidents, we put children in high-chairs to make sure they don’t fall and hurt themselves, we put no-skid stickers on the bottom of the tub so we don’t slip and fall, we receive immunization shots as children to ensure we aren’t harmed or killed by certain diseases later in life.

Some ways we may come to harm have an easy prevention answer: seat belts, high chairs, shots – but the prevention of child neglect and child physical, emotional, and sexual abuse is a complex problem needing a whole set of strategies and actions to be successful in stopping neglect or abuse from occurring.

The good news is that the past 20 years or so have seen a wide variety of successful strategies emerge that have shown to dramatically reduce child abuse and neglect - when these strategies are fully supported. 90by30 is committed to implementing and supporting proven strategies.